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For Sale: T-Rex Stand and Chain Adjustment Spanner for the 2018+ CB1000R

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Bought earlier this year. No problems with it other than I don't have the CB any more. This stand can be used on either side of the CB.

Located 30 minutes north of Nashville, TN and have no plans to ship it--as of now. If you are in the area and interested, let me know. Also, I get around so if a link-up is possible, maybe that works too.

Price is set at $125.00.

The short pin on the stand is for the Neo Sports Cafe. The longer pin on the ground is what came with the stand originally and does not fit the NSC.



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The CB hurt my left hip to ride and I went a different direction. It was traded with 1,095 miles for a new Goldwing DCT. It's at Mid-South Motoplex in Clarksville TN if anyone is interested.
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Also have the Honda chain adjustment spanner and handle laying on the bench. $20.

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All still available.
Heading to Colorado around the end of the month. Can bring the stand and spanner wrench with me. Let me know soon. Thanks.
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Heading to western NC this Friday and will be in the Boone area for the weekend. Monday, I'll relocate a bit south towards the Smokey Mountain NP area--somewhere. Can bring the stand and chain adjuster; but, you have to let me know soon.
At the end of this month, July, I'll be in Maggie Valley, NC. I can bring the stand--just let me know.
Heading to the Asheville, NC area tomorrow morning if anyone is interested in the stand.
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