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Hi..this is my third post on this forum. I've been browsing and reading this forum to troubleshoot my bike for quite 3-4 months already but cannot post anything due to registration problem. Great job for the website upgrade, admin..thanks.

I'm from Malaysia, owning a used 2011 CB1000R with 18000km odometer when bought, and currently at 25000km. It's a grey import bike as compared to current new Neo Cafe model. As such, the bike is poorly maintained when I bought it, and quite rare too. This is just a sharing on what i have been through on maintenance of this bike. First of all, i would like to thank to all of the senior forumers for sharing quite detailed solution for various problems on maintenance. To date, i've made a copied reference from this forum up to 14 pages of MS word.

My first problem out of the shop is rough idling, the engine sputtered and died about 3 kilometres away. I thought maybe it's just because of running out of fuel. The fuel meter was flashing like in manual book. After a full tank, the bike ran happily back to its new home. The horror came the next day when I'm on highway. After about 15km, the engine loss its power, until 1km later, it stuttered like crazy and died. After a brief check, it ran again, only to repeat at the next 10-15km. You can guess how much i was trip to work is 70km one way. While running in lane splitting, the bike died, and i just pulled the clutch, started the engine and it ran again.

The next working day, after a self clean up of DNA air filter at home, the bike went to workshop. After 3 days, the mechanic happily told me that they had replaced faulty fuel pump with a new one, clean up the fuel tank, and the fuel injectors. I had to bear the cost as it is a used bike..around MYR1500 / USD350..

The bike runs for around 2 weeks, with rough idle, until the problem repeats again. this time, it stayed for another 3 days at the same workshop and they just replaced a worn out fuel pump hose for free..

The rough idle and sputtering still happen at low rev..between 3000 - 4500 rpm. at above 5000rpm, the bike runs smoothly. When i went to same workshop (as it is the only "trusted" big bike shop in my state..not anymore now), the mechanic was out of idea and suggest that i checked for faulty ECU at Honda service centre HQ. That night i self checked the bike and accidentally disturbed its TPS sensor. Yeah, the bike went crazy, wont start, and choking black smoke with fuel dripping from exhaust tip (burnt).

I went to the Honda service center (SC), quite far from my home, with the bike runs roughly. Fuel consumption was very bad, need to refuel full tank after just 80km. At the SC, the bike stayed for 5 days and had full service, ECU reset..and to my astonishment, the main problem was just 'very dirty' fuel tank and fuel pump. The cost of cleaning was dirt cheap as compared to previous workshop..MYR100 only/25 dollar.

Now my bike runs very smooth, and can easily reach 200kmh like in those youtube top speed video.

I learnt a lesson here..those sputtering, stuttering, rough idle, chugging when in low speed problems is due to dirty fuel in rusty fuel tank. There is no problem with the engine, clutch, TPS sensor, spark plugs, battery, or other electronic issue. I've been reading the problems shared by others here for months, and have considered many solutions and suggesting it to the mechanic. I've even considered changing the bulky catalytic converter which might be clogged due to dirt. However, i learned a lot on maintenance of this bike from this forum. gracias..arigato gozaimasu..:)

Is there anyone having the same problem with what I've shared?
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