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I'm going to use this thread to keep an eye on the CB1000R after market can situation. I've put a list of manufacturers below to get us started. Feel free to post others that I've missed below. I'll put that name into this top post and remove yours for tidiness :thumbup

Thanks to:
stardust tommy: Arata, Bodis, Bos, Dam, Devil, Ixil, Laser, Micron, Superpole, Zard
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Note that Micron have an exhaust available for the CB1000R (see above) priced at £279.99 for a Stainless* or Titanium can.

*Standard Moto GP Style or GP Sport in Satin, For Polished and Ceramic Black add £50.00 Per Silencer
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I believe BKing and Hayabusa Rui. You're quite right that no pics are shown yet, shame, but then these aren't the most attractive of cans
For some more even juice I assume some of you'd like to get a Power Commander in addition to an after-market can/ full exhaust system!? Well, according to DynoJet's homepage one will be available soon: ... 96&yr=2008
My dealer is recommending me to wait a while until a complete replacement exhaust system is available - not just the cans. Does any of you guys have an opinion on this?
Depends if you are looking for performance or improved styling.
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Personally I'd like to get a Power Commander, yeah. They are usually good for smoothing out the fueling which has normally been 'strangled' at points to get through various regulations (like noise and emissions) which causes a less-than-perfect dyno report. Most cans are designed to go straight on as is though.

The advantage (as far as I'm concerned at least) to a full system would be that the 'cat' would most likely be removed if you had a full system, which would allow the exhaust to breathe easier. They also tend to both save more weight and give more power. They're also usually a lot more expensive than just a can. Personal taste I'd say. I'll reserve choices until I see how much everything is, but one thing is for sure; that standard can can't stay on there!
I'd like to say I'm looking for a combination of styliong & improved performance. I once had a Ducati ST4S that I fitted with a complete after-market exhaust plus a Power Commander. My dealer managed to raise the back-wheel horse power output by more than 10%. That sure made some difference! I'd like to get this bike's performance up a bit, maybe up in the Yamaha FZ1-N. I am aware of the fact that horse power output isn't the only thing that's important when it comes to a bike's engine performance. But still - a somewhat higher horse power output would most probably be beneficial to the bike's overall pewrformance, wouldn't you think?
The Yoshimura site is the US one, and they won't be getting the CB1000R so will not have any exhaust system for it listed on there. I think I've finally found the correct Remus site so have listed that one above :thumbup
don't forget ZARD

but they havn't made any honda exhaust yet ...

in holland you have superpole

and in Belgium DAM exhaust

but the last 2 are handmade, have DB killers but not an CE mark

gr T
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Good list of exhaust manufacturers here... worth keeping your eyes on.

CB1000R owners it is well worth approaching a manufacturer near where you live to offer your bike as a prototype (you'll probably get the resulting exhaust at a significant discount).
Good point! I may have to contact Scorpion as they're local to me :thumbup
I've had an email reply from Scorpion saying they're very interested in loaning my bike. I'm to give them a bell when I receive it so we can arrange something. Best make sure I don't hang around getting it run in eh? :D Fingers crossed whatever they come up with will look sweet :thumbup
That's cool Ant. Good thinking. Unusual that!! :rollin
I didn't do the thinking though, Dan did :blah
Figures !! :rollin
Once a dealmeister, always a dealmeister! :lol
Ant thy going to give you a free exhaust for your troubles and the use of bike :lick
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