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dumbest thing

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What is the dumbest bike related thing you have done that you are willing to admit to?

I bought a brand spankin new bike about ten years ago, and I thought I would be the dogs nads and show it off... along with the new lid and gloves. Pulled up outside the pub, all the lads around. Havin a gawk at the bike... Then I decided to get off the bike , with style. I got off the bike... forgetting the all important side stand! :emb :emb :emb
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OK... I think in that only Felix and a few others know this... so deep was my embarassment!!!

I'd been chatting to a few on the Hornets nest before getting my first Hornet back in 2001...namely and guy called Smich and CBRSi (as you know El Gordo's Bruv...)

About two months later I did a MAC advanced training course and they were joking how I'd probably have a spill.... well I didn't (that happened two days later on some deisel) :banghead but little did they know of a little incident on the day I got the bike... :lol

I arrived at Dobles on a busy saturday and met Paul Styles.... great service of course and was taken to my gleaming bike.... now at this time I could barely walk... as I had just spent 5 weeks with both legs in plaster after fracturing my heels... so I wasn't really that stable!! At the back of Dobles showroom there are some workshops where the bikes are cleaned and a little ramp up and out to the road...

Stupidly I decided to push the brand new UNRIDDEN bike up the ramp very carefully..... phew all was fine.... over the pavement and onto the road but the momentum caught me by surprise as did the opposite camber of the road....I couldn't hold it and over she went onto the left side. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

I could not believe it, I had trashed my bike before even riding it!!!!!!!

I felt like a complete prat but I went back into Paul (almost in tears) and his face was a picture..... I think he said "YOU WHAT??????". Straight into the workshop the bike went to have the gear lever pulled out and a new clutch lever put on. I was very luck apart from those two levers there was a small scratch on the left rear indicator, scuff on the left mirror housing (it was a faired Hornet so had black plastic CBR style mirrors) and a small mark where the gear lever had pushed against the bike.

I did manage to ride the bike home in one piece...but I was pretty upset with myself!! :rolleyes
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I seem to remember that John was always prone to running wide :lol

....usually 2 up :eek
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