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In most cases the companies with which we arranged exclusive discount schemes will agree to any claim if you simply quote, if you have any problem receiving a discount then please let one of the club Administrators or Moderators know.

We are grateful and respectful of any retailer that provides discount schemes to our members, therefore we want to protect these schemes from abuse by non-members. Accordingly each member will be provided with a unique membership number. These numbers are only known to the individual members, plus Administrator and Moderators. The membership numbers and also the information provided within your user profile will also be available to retailers so that they may validate your membership (if they wish). We do not hold any personal details for you (we only know what you tell us!!)

Your membership number will be notified to you by email or personal message within a few days of your first registration (and after you have posted your first message - Introductions would be a good place to start) :)

If you do not receive your membership number or need it urgently then please contact one of the Administrators or Moderators.

Happy Shopping! :thumbup
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