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Dealers having a laugh

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Today I took the R1 to my nearest Honda dealer to see what I'd be given against the CBthou,now I went having made a few calls beforehand,to them and to other dealers... :potty

In those calls they all more or less said the same thing,the R1 was worth between 6 and 6.5 K :notme not great given I've hardly used it and it's low mileage,but hey shit happens :rolleyes

So I call ahead to say I'm on my way,and rolls up to meet the guy outside :zzz

A couple of walks round the bike,sharp intaking of breath then he says.....£5700 :rollin :rollin :rollin ....oh hold on a minute...he's serious :box

So what's that all about then,say 6-6.5 on the fone then 5700 in person :banghead :banghead
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In April I checked Glasses for my 07 FZ1.... £4900.... so £2K depreciation in 12 months.

To be honest I expected it to be something like that.... I was offered more than that against a new CB1000R but it wasn't enough to make me seriously consider changing. At the moment my FZ1 is being paid for by interest free credit (£2000 originally) and in another 15 months or so it will be paid up. At that time most of the initial depreciation will have been soaked up and I might consider selling it (possibly for the CB).
I was getting all sorts of estimates on my Hornet, bearing in mind it'll be just short of 2 year old when I get the CB and should have no more than 5,500 miles on it. Some local dealers offered £3k (book price), and then suddenly it was dropped to £2,500 to which I told them to get shagged. Eventually I phoned Doble and they offered me £200 over the book price but rather than ride it straight up the M1 and square the tyres off on the day I get it I'll get it delivered, which takes a chunk of that extra £200 up but at least the bike will make it to me in one piece and the tyres will be nicely rounded :thumbup

Have you considered getting one from Doble yourself DBF? May well be worth trying. Have you seen the discounts they offer us?
Indeed and remember Doble Motorcycles also have a Price Pledge where they promise to beat any other genuine deal (Check out their website for more details on this).

The problem is that most bike dealers don't want to be lumbered with another bike that they then struggle to sell on.... go into any dealer with a nice wodge of cash and it will be a different matter altogether. :)
Must admit i'll be paying cash for mine and anything i buy with it.. :)

So hopefully ill get a sweet deal when the time comes, ill keep you posted :)
Should do Bez after all 'money talks' ! :thumbup
I have to agree that most dealers are stuffed with 2nd hand bikes due to low prices for new bikes + interest free deals.
Look at the amount of bikes in MCN classified which is why the dealers don't want any more !!
I have been offered more from a Yamaha dealer (Fazer 1000) as a straight sale than two Honda dealers offered in p/ex against a CB1000R which really is silly ain't it. Guess which two dealers I'm not going back to ;)
I actually had a letter from the local Honda dealer asking for bikes, whether as part-ex or just to buy off us. That's why I was so shocked when they offered a lower part-ex price than they had a couple of weeks earlier, and way below book price at that
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