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I had the DPM guards on my 2012, and ( despite the expense: over $400 Cdn landed ) was seriously impressed.
Acessories Honda CB1000R 2009/2012 machined from solid aluminium, designed and manufactured ​​in Italy by -

They saved almost certain 'fatal' case damage in two crashes , so I ordered a set again for the 'new' 2013. On the original install, I did the required drilling myself, and while it worked out, lack of skill and 'hand-held' alignment led to trouble, so this time I got my metal-working friend Rob to do the job for me, correctly the first time.
original at:

the installation:

20171106_143543 (2) by Don Serl, on Flickr

in place:

20171106_162136 (2) by Don Serl, on Flickr

20171106_162153 (2) by Don Serl, on Flickr

20171106_162235 (2) by Don Serl, on Flickr

Feels good to have 'the pro' in place again!

p.s. the only negative comment I can make about the set is that 4 of the OEM case cover flange bolts get replaced to hold the backing plates in place, and DPM supplies quite crappy looking 'plain' machine bolts. we substituted stainless steel hex head M6 bolts; 1 x 45mm, 2 x 50mm, and 1 x 60mm are required. ( visible in photos 3 and 4)
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