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Old fart happy birthday fella :beer
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indeed, happy birthday to you dude.

Getting on a bit now aren't we? :lol


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Take no notice Dan, you're only as old as the woman you feel :thumbup

You still knobbing my gran? :p
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Happy Birthday mate.

Are you still nobbing Jons Gran??? ;) ;)

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Yeah I am... but only because I like burds with dentures! :rollin

Thanks for the birthday wishes.... all have a virtual drink on me..... (cheap round that!) :beer
Happy Birthday Dan

I couldn't find Jjon's Gran but I did find her teeth

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I couldn't find Jjon's gran
Not surprised, she's been on the move recently. We buried her in Ireland years ago but she's now turned up in Dan's back garden :notme

And the cheeky bastard is charging me ground rent :angry
Is she any good Dan?
Fordzoid said:
Is she any good Dan?
People, please, a bit of respect for my formerly living Gran :angry

(Psst, Fordzoid, Dan tells me she's a bit of a goer, just needs a bit of time to warm up. Not your type though, far too lively for you :finger
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my formerly living Gran

That's very funny mate! :clap I can just imagine Cliff singing that!!
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