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Caught Out....

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Lovely sunny sky this morning....

Not now!! it is pouring with rain and no signs it will stop soon. :angry

Worse still I have nothing more than a pair of jeans and a leather jacket to keep me dry on the 9 mile trip home..... I'll be wet to the skin.... not happy! :banghead
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Ha ha, exactly the opposite for me today! It's been proper showering down here the last couple of days, so I stuck the linings back into my gear cos it's cold without, and the D-Dry trousers let water through so at least it's an extra layer. I went to work this morning and while it wasn't raining, everywhere was soaked through. I got my gear on to leave today and stepped outside into glorious sunshine. Wouldn't have been a problem had I not had to go for petrol on the way home. I nearly passed out from the heat!

On the subject of petrol, I'm sure you're aware that up here it's usually cheaper than down south right? Well I've never paid more than £15.something to fill my tank, and that's on a 17l tank Hornet which I always run to 'reserve', but today I filled up after doing about 15 miles on reserve and it cost me over £17. 111.9p/litre at the local Sainsbury's, which isn't the cheapest in the area for a change, but they know me and don't give me grief for not taking my helmet off so I keep going there. Plus it's right near home and we collect Nectar points and those vouchers for schools. Anyway... :rollin
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Well as you'd expect my jeans were wet through but my boots (Sidi Vertebrae Goretex) kept my feet completely dry..... finally I have found a pair of boots that kept my feet dry!! :beer

Luckily I had an old fleece at work that saved my leather jacket soaking up the rain... so it wasn't so bad after all despite continuous rain throughout the journey.

111.9p for you petrol is good... the best i've seen around here is 112.9p - I filled up as well this morning.... £17 (that's even more than it used to cost to fill my VFR (22ltr tank) from empty. I don't really notice the cost of fuel on the bike now because I'm not doing too many miles but filling up the car is a real killer. :(
This is the thing; I don't normally notice fuel prices increasing because of the small tank on the Hornet (same size as the CB, I know) even though I almost always run it to reserve. The fact that I noticed the difference this time is a big hit
Missus saved me a soaking. :thumbup

Said I was taking bike in and she said rain was forecast late afternoon, so left it.

Boy was she right. :clap

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