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Best and Worst......

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Biking moments of 2007....

Picking up a brand spanking new FZ1 :thumbup
Getting our group too and from Ypres, Belgium :)
A very quick "in the zone" ride back to London with Jamie on the May Bikehackers rideout :cool
Cakes!.... cakes and BabyGimps, Creams Tea's in Hampshire... the list goes on. :lick
The Vest and Bikehackers :D
Catching up again with bike buddies who I hadn't seen or spoken to for ages... (Jerry, Carl, Calz for example) :respekt

Finding the FZ1 was rotting :lol
Relying on SATNAV and losing people in Calais (they made their own way to Ypres) :rolleyes
Fearing for my licence for 3 weeks after the May rideout - not helped by John pulling my leg! :bad
Adding a few KG's to the weight of my FZ1 and then having to work it all off again at the gym :help
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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