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April Fool!

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Yup, today is the day!
Got time for an April Fool gag?
Can't think of any?

Here are a couple of old, old ones that still get a laugh:

Use a gelatin product and place in someone's toilet late at night (you need to give the gelatin some time to harden). Or you could put this in a public toilet somewhere also. Lemon gelatin works well as does clear gelatin.
Once the gelatine hardens, the person who does the business will be surprised when they find their turd rolls sitting on top a solid but wiggly mass inside the toilet.
This is a good gag because no harm is done to anyone's property since the gelatine needs only to be broken up in order to flush, however it may in some cased deprive the family dog of his nightly drink of water.


Cling Wrap
Clearly, one of the top gags is to put clear cling wrap over the toilet bowl and wait to hear your victim scream when they start to wee or poo. This prank has been performed many times at "former" friend's homes, at bus stations, malls, parties and countless other places.The cling wrap needs to be pulled tightly over the toilet bowl and smoothed so there are no wrinkles. When the wee starts to splatter or the poo hits the wrap that's when the victim starts to scream and yell.
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Well they're better than the Doble one I got by email. Hybrid Honda bike? Sure! :lol

A few years back my best mate phoned me at about 2am telling me that one of his ex-girlfriends had called him and asked for my phone number because she was pregnant and it was mine. I didn't know what to say! I hadn't seen her for years and I've sure as hell never had sex with her, so WTF?

Shortly after he'd finished laughing at me, he phoned his Mum and told her that he and his housemates (he was at college in Redditch) had got home from a night out to find the house had burnt down. She was in the car and on the M1 before he told her it was wind up.

Anyone remember the Spaghetti Tree prank by Panorama? If you do then you're old, it was done it 1957, but it's considered one of the best April-fools jokes ever. Found it on YouTube (where else?)
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I got suckered hook,line and sinker today!!

Someone told me that Honda were going to launch the CB1000r THIS year!! :smoke
Well that gets you the title of Most Gullible 2008 Steve! :lol
:thumbup Excellent!I do try!
I once shat in a urinal in college. It was May. I was being ironic.
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