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Ant, if you get fed up waiting....

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Antnee said:
I remember when the CBF1000 came out and it beat the FZ1 in nearly every test I read, despite the CBF being a commuters bike. All those reviews that gave the CBF the edge said something along the lines of "more horsepower does not a better motorcycle make".

I'll still hold out for the CB before I make any decisions. I just hope it's at least a bit good else we'll be running a site dedicated to a bike we couldn't care less about :lol
What tests were those and were they carried out on the original incarnation of the new FZ1 with the fucked fuelling? With all due respect you can't compare the two bikes, the Honda is a boring, underpowered commuter, a 1000cc Dullsville if you will, of course it's easy to ride, it doesn't have any power! Oh yeah, and as Dan said, it is pig ugly!!
The FZ1 is a monster of a bike that will piss all over the Honda in every department except touring. Of course the press rightly tore the FZ1 apart when it first came out because of the fuelling issue but that's been sorted and what's left is a lean mean hooligan machine. The new bike from Honda had better be a great bike otherwise it'll be dead in the water. The FZ1 is fast, handles and looks like it'll beat the shit out of you for wearing the wrong leathers, the Kwak is no mug and the Tuono is a complete hooligan tool and a twin so doesn't have that much competition in its price range, (I don't believe that Suzuki don't make the SV1000 anymore due to Euro emissions regs). It's a tough market and lets just hope the big H has realised that this time around.

And I'm a Honda man, last 2 bikes were Blades current bike is a Blackbird, I've also had a VFR, a Firestorm and a Hornet!!!

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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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