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Almost brand new gold wheels from 2014 CB1000R

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I bought a brand new 2014 CB1000R back in 2017, and immediately swapped out the gold wheels for black ones. Shortly after, I sold the bike. Cleaning out the garage recently I had completely forgotten that I still had these wheels in the Honda boxes that the black ones came in. Aside from a small gouge from the dude who swapped out the tires (grrrrrrrr), these wheels are perfect and only have about 200 miles on them.

Just called Honda dealer to find new pricing, and it's $403 for front and $356 for rear. I'll sell both for $500 + shipping. Happy to create an ebay post, or use some other escrow service if that's what you feel comfortable with.

I'm in Denver, CO (Thornton) if you're close by and want to pick them up.

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