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ABS / Combined pacakge on my Newly ordered bike

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Hi again,
Just a small query for one of you to possibly answer. I have placed my order for a white one last Monday :beer , but want ABS ( my local dealer laughed at this ( " sports bikes dont need ABS " !!! :stupid ) - I do. There seems to be nothing in any info I have read that says you can get ABS without the combined brakes - I certainly dont want combined brakes but do want ABS. Is this possible or is it a package ??
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It's all one package John, but I do know someone with a VFR800 who had the ABS/CBS setup. He played with the routing of the brake lines and may have even done some work on his callipers (I forget exactly) to remove the CBS but the ABS remains. Whether or not you'd want to go down this route yourself (I wouldn't) I don't know, but I guess in that case it could be feasible?

Oh, congrats on the purchase BTW!
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