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A Word To The Wise

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Or rather, "A Word To Haga":

You're an amazing rider, but waving your fists in anger mid corner, probably not the cleverest thing you could do.

What are people's opinions on todays WSB racing then? Personally I was over the moon to see the factory Ducati team beaten by the privateer Sterilgarda team but really disappointed in the Ten Kate riders. I expected more from all three riders. Not surprised to see Rea being over aggressive with the bike in Supersports but I'm disappointed to see he took Pitt down with him. I can't see as he has anyone to blame but himself for that one. And points for Triumph in the first race for the Daytona 675 thanks to Ivan Clementi; good job.
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Have to agree on all points. Haga lost it, Biaggis overtake was aggressive but that's racing and Haga is certainly no angel, it was like stepping back in time, thought he had learnt his lesson, not sure what happened to him race 2, bad tyre choice I assume?
I thought Bayliss was awesome in race 1. Catching and passing Biaggi on the last lap he really showed his quality and the size of his balls.
Good to see Neukirchener up there in race 1 and Sofuoglu threatened early doors in race 2.
Xaus was brilliant in race 2 but I still can't work out how he stays upright, (when he does!!).

Overall both good races though, it's great to see some racing back on the box :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

Roll on Philip Island

Didn't see WSS as I was working! :cry :cry

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