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2019 Tank & Subframe

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I've replaced my gas tank and subframe after a get off... Before I send them to the dump I thought I'd see if anyone's interested...
subframe is just scratched, not bent, tank has some dents and scratches.
Caveat, I'm in Canada and shipping seems to be stupidly expensive...
Any interest?
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If you don't get any hits here, I'd certainly list it on ebay. You can also post the link here.
true, but it's hard to imagine someone would be trolling ebay for these parts if they weren't on the forum... I'll wait a bit and see if anyone here needs 'em!
You'd be surprised the number of motorcycle parts that are sold on ebay. If someone is in need of a specific part, they go to ebay and plug in a search.
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But ebay is an idiot
Ebay doesn't actually ship it. The website is just giving an estimate. Shipping rates are all over the place because of so many variables.
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