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  1. Dyno Tune with Yoshi R-77 Better Than I Expected..

    Well i am very excited with the results from my Dyno tune today..I now have 124.36 HP to play with and this is with the baffle in..:thumbupThe ride home was awesome as the increases in horespower and torque was very noticeable..I'm so glad i finally got this done and i'm looking forward to a...
  2. Yoshi R-77 ground clearance issue resolved,new bracket mount?

    I've recently fitted a new Yoshi R-77 and have noticed the muffler mount bracket is different to any other i have seen.I've searched everywhere to find similar mounting pics but mine seems unique.The way mine is mounted is actually about an inch(25mm)higher up and therefore should give that...
  3. Changes in exhaust set up from 09 to 12

    CB1000R General
    Does anyone know if the exhaust set up on a 2009 model CB1000R is the same as a 2012 model? I have been looking at the R-77D yoshi pipes on ebay and most say suited for a 2011/2012 models.Was anything changed with dimensions or mountings?As far as i know it's all the same but i thought i would...
  4. Good to be here

    Hi everyone,:hello I have finally signed up to this great site after finally buying myself an 09 CB1000 R.:yayThese awesome bikes are very rare here in Australia as they only imported them in 08 and 09.There was only 9 for sale in the whole country when i got mine.I bought a mint condition black...