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  1. Taller or Longer Gearing, Mod Done, Sharing Feedback.

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum. Last year I bought a used 2012 CB1000R, the bike has about 3,000 miles as today. I 'd used this site to learn all kind of cool things about this awesome bike, so I wanted to add my two cents. Let me start by saying the CB1000R is an awesome bike, but...
  2. SW Motech gear shift lever fitted

    Just fitted this SW Motech gear shift lever. Why? Well, I have size 14 (50 in Euro sizing, 15 US) feet. I rode a Ducati Multistrada a couple of weeks back and it highlighted just how cramped the gap between foot peg and lever is on the CB with my enormous feet! On the Multi I didn't have to...