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  1. Multiple mods/ additions

    This section was lacking pictures :cool: Mini hugger of Ebay Rizoma sliders Honda undertail Rizoma barend mirrors Adjustable levers Mivv suono with decat and custom bracket GsG brake fluid resevoir Gipro gear indicator and shiftlight (shiftlight not yet mounted) Leather seat...
  2. Zychs Machine so far

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    Hi Fellow riders Well i am new here but i thought i had better show you what i got so far. The 2012 model plus: R&G Aero Crash Bungs R&G Tail Tidy Beowulf Radiator Guard Ermax Colour matched Matt Cynos Grey/Metallic Orange Belly Pan Ermax Colour matched Matt Cynos Grey/Metallic Orange Rear...
  3. Rizoma LED Indicator resistors..always needed?

    I recently bought some Rizoma LED indicators for the front of my bike..The thing is they came with 2 resistors for each side..I know they are to slow down the flash rate,but is the 2 really needed like they suggest in the diagram?.I have 2 mini LED indicators fitted now and they have no resistor...
  4. Rizoma Spy Mirrors install with Pics

    So i bought the fake Rizoma Tomok mirrors to see what they may look like before shelling out the big $$$, To be honest they may look good but you see SFA if your over 5Ft 10. I preferred the Rizoma Spy R mirrors and so thay was my Xmas present from my partner. Install was easy enough, i didnt...