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  1. Renntec - Tailpack that fits?

    CB1000R General
    Hi anybody fitted a Renntec sports rack found a tailpack or semi permanent luggage that fits 'just right' on to this rack? I have bungeed an old tank bag without its base but it's a bit big. Was thinking Kriega 20l but I want top access not a roll bag.
  2. The ideal short trip tourer

    CB1000R General
    So I got back from from a 1000 mile tour of the French World War 1 battlefields, the only thing I got around to fitting before I went was a screen, which I think a necessity. I could have really used a rack and a Satnav which I think turn it into the perfect quick blast tourer. The thing it...
  3. Renntec sport rack fitting instructions

    CB1000R General
    I bought one here second hand, looks a lot more complicated than I thought to fit, anyone have a scan / pdf of fitting instruction?