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  1. Anyone on here have a custom PCV map for Racefit no baffle?

    Hi, Any members on here riding with a Racefit Growler, PCV and no baffle? What are some of your experiences with adding a PCV to your Racefit no baffle setup?, has the ride significantly improved/smoother? Is anyone willing to share their custom map? Racefit says you dont need a PCV I...
  2. SUCCESS - Fitted a 12-16 CBR1000RR PCV 16-034 to my CB1000R

    Dynojet UK
    ***UPDATE 14/07/2017*** I made the below guide how to modify the harness from a 12-16 CBR1000RR Powercommander to fit our CB1000R due to it being too short. Well I also emailed Dynojet at the same time to find out whether or not it was possible to connect the injectors back to front, so...
  3. WANTED: Nightster Black seat cowl and a power commander

    Hi All, I'm looking for the above items if anyone can help it'd be much appreciated. I can pay via paypal, bank transfer or cash in hand if you're close enough (within 60 miles of Oxfordshire) Best regards HarleyDeuce aka Luke
  4. pcv ignition module

    Power commander 5 ignition module one year old £200 was £300 new only removing as fitting stand-alone ecu email me on [email protected]
  5. CB1000R Goodies for sale (Yoshimura Exhaust , Power commander , GPR stabilizer mount

    Sold my CB but kept all the goodies I do not currently have pictures but you can text me on my cell for pics (518)480-9447 I am Located in the US in New York state will only ship in the US and pay pal is preferred payment. Yoshimura R77 exhaust in all carbon fiber Powercommander for CB1000R...
  6. compatability HELP!

    Dynojet UK
    Hi all, I need some much needed help about fitting a power commander to my 2011 CB All I want is a map to suit my setup so the bike runs right with a decat, an online map will be beneficial as I would rather not go to rolling roads etc. A PC3 would be enough for what I need and I have seen some...