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  1. Neo Sports Cafe
    Following on from my recent post where I had to buy a second-hand OEM toolkit… @Bevo thankfully pointed out I would need a HW6 hex-bit to suit.. So I thought I’d post this thread to see what tools you’d recommend both carrying with the bike and having available at home. I’ve got a 150 piece...
  2. General Chat
    Hello from the UK! I'm due to collect my "new" CB1000R 2020 next week. I'm properly excited about it but have a pre-delivery preparation question, specifically locking points you guys use. I live in London, Zone 2, so overnight security has to be fairly robust. The bike will be stored in my...
  3. Neo Sports Cafe
    Afternoon 👋 My CB1000R will be off to Dynojet next month to be used as the development bike for the new Power Commander unit. I have the official Honda Akrapovic Road slip-on exhaust, stock slip-on, slick slip-on and a set of SS Akrapovic headers on order. I was hoping to get an aftermarket air...
1-3 of 3 Results