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  1. Looking for options on the exhaust. Any Advice

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    Hi all I currently have an aftermarket exhaust (Neptune - NZ) which is very nice sounding but I have been thinking, can I get a shorter exhaust? Maybe one that ends underneath the bike. Like say the Kawasaki EN-6R, just to really tidy up the side look. Otherwise I am looking at something like...
  2. Little thingies...

    that go a long way :) After about 3 months of living with my beloved CB I have just finished a few small touch-ups that go a long way looks wise (at least I think so). Puig Frame Sliders R&G Engine Sliders R&G Engine Guard Rizoma Indicators all around (absolutely hate original indicators...
  3. 10 Minute Mod,Very Impressed..

    Here's my latest addition that took 10 minutes to do..So simple yet so effective..Looks 10 times better i reckon..:thumbup
  4. Black Beauty's latest look

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    Here's a few pics of my Black Beauty down by the water just after Xmas 2012..There will be a few more mods to come soon but for now i'm liking the way she is..She gets many comments and looks around here.:thumbup.I've recently fitted a PC5 and a Yoshi R-77 (the new improved version)making her so...