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  1. Modification
    Hi Everyone, I've seen some posts that say you like our products, well, we have re-designed some of our products for the CB1000R. The full list of products can be viewed here : Powerbronze UK International - Search Product But the new bits are as follows: Light Screens - 270 mm, 330 mm and...
  2. Marketplace
    Skidmarx carbon fibre hugger and chainguard like this one: Honda CB1000R 2008on - Rear Hugger (CF) - Skidmarx UK Ltd I had to replace it as it didn't fit with my aftermarket exhaust. I'm not sure all the mounting bolts are there, but all of the unique ones are and as far as I recall, you can...
  3. Modification
    Last week at about 100km/h the bolts holding my PowerBronze hugger broke off in line with the bike "chassi". The hugger got stuck between the wheel and the exhaust. Causing damage to the wheel and tire, then came loose and went under the tire and broke to (very sharp) pieces. Luckily I was not...
1-3 of 3 Results