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  1. Modification
    Hi all, I have recently bought 2 PUIG screens for the Honda cb1000r, both exactly the same. My cb1000r is a 2008 model. But for some reason the metal handles that are attached to the screen that fit onto the middle of handle bars- the holes do not align with the screens holes being a few MM...
  2. Modification
    This section was lacking pictures :cool: Mini hugger of Ebay Rizoma sliders Honda undertail Rizoma barend mirrors Adjustable levers Mivv suono with decat and custom bracket GsG brake fluid resevoir Gipro gear indicator and shiftlight (shiftlight not yet mounted) Leather seat...
  3. Doble
    Hi Guys We are now a seller for Racefit exhausts, If you are intrested in one or would like some info just give us a call at the shop on 02086688851, If you would like to speak to me ask for Loris. There are many different options for the build of the can from full titanium or carbon fibre and...
  4. Marketplace
    Sold my CB but kept all the goodies I do not currently have pictures but you can text me on my cell for pics (518)480-9447 I am Located in the US in New York state will only ship in the US and pay pal is preferred payment. Yoshimura R77 exhaust in all carbon fiber Powercommander for CB1000R...
  5. CB1000R General
    Hi, so I'm trying to get my mud guard resprayed and the guy doing it is struggling to get the right shade. It came out too blue. Is there a specific method in which to apply the paint? He is priming>white>metalic blue colour>lacquer. Is that correct? Or do you mix the blue with the lacquer...
  6. Marketplace
    hi,,,,,,,,i'm looking for an exhaust manifold for a CB1 2010 model,,,,,,after market manifold,,,,,arrow or whatever,,,,would consider complete system,,,,,,cash waiting,,,,other parts i'm looking for are rear shock,,,,ohlins etc,,,,,steering damper,,,,
  7. Marketplace
    WANTED:::::::::: steering damper,,,,,,,after market exhaust manifold,,,,,,,Honda red seat cowl,,,,,,after market rear shock,,,,,,and front forks,,,,,,
1-7 of 7 Results