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  1. Maintenance
    2022 cb1000r/RA i got the MIL code like the service manual said to and it was 10-8. Ten long blinks and 8 short ones. This code however was not in the table in the service manual, anybody know what it means? The MIL came on after i did my 600 mile oil change. I wasn't able to take it to the...
  2. CB1000R General
    My first bike was a 2017 cb500f, a lot of fun but a lot missing. Been riding my brothers Ducati monster, cousins vrod and it makes me envious for power. Fell in love with the new cb1000r and they seem to be unicorns for a reasonable price. I came across a a 2012 cb 1000r with 5000 miles on...
1-2 of 2 Results