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  1. Modification
    Hey everyone. Here's the situation: I bought a 2nd hand 2019 model some time ago. The bike came with akra headers + the akra race line can. Akrapovic recommends the use of a rapid bike with a specific map. Now, here's my problem: I love the sound of full system. But it's impossible to...
  2. Modification
    Hey Everyone. Just bought a 2019 cb1000R with an akrapovic full system with the short can (picture below). It sounds insanely good, But also unbearably loud. I've looked in this forum and saw that the longer can is advised to reduce the sound to a bearable level. That indeed is an option, but...
  3. Neo Sports Cafe
    Just installed the SC project titanium headers to match my S1 on the cb1000r. I essentially tightened the fasteners to a good solid hand tight (with a normal length10mm wrench) and everything feels good. I also used blue lock tight on the bolts. Anyone know what the actual torque spec is for the...
1-3 of 3 Results