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  1. Neo Sports Cafe
    Hi y’all- i currently have a sc project s1 slip on on my cb, just ordered the titanium headers. i will be running the bike with the dB killer in- is a power commander necessary? also, i ordered an aftermarket air filter (standard, not race). I’m wondering if this will change the answer to my...
  2. Dynojet UK
    ***UPDATE 14/07/2017*** I made the below guide how to modify the harness from a 12-16 CBR1000RR Powercommander to fit our CB1000R due to it being too short. Well I also emailed Dynojet at the same time to find out whether or not it was possible to connect the injectors back to front, so...
  3. Marketplace
    Looking for Yoshimura r77/r77d 3/4, if any one has one and wants to sell please let me know. Thanks
  4. Marketplace
    Hi All, Looking for a seat cowl any colour will do. And also I am planning to change the original exhaust to something louder. Let me know what have you got! Thanks
  5. Marketplace
    For sale one unbranded exhaust system including de-cat link pipe and slip on end can. Link pipe will accommodate lambda sensor. Exhaust is in used condition no major defects, a couple of scuffs though. It has an awesome sound, quite loud with a nice deep tone.
  6. CB1000R General
    Hi all, i have been reading through all the discussions about exhausts seems to be a hot topic, my question is has anyone put a yoshi R77 (not D) on their bike, and then had it dynoed without a PC. just interested to know what the air fuel ratio was like. Thankyou:thumbup
  7. Modification
    Hello, I just wanted to share with you my latests hilbilly project. For those not familiar with the term "hillbilly" it refers to a person who normally lives in a rural areal, and makes everything by hand, kind of fixes all with duck tape and a hammer, and normally they do their cousins, but...
  8. Members Rides
    Hi all I currently have an aftermarket exhaust (Neptune - NZ) which is very nice sounding but I have been thinking, can I get a shorter exhaust? Maybe one that ends underneath the bike. Like say the Kawasaki EN-6R, just to really tidy up the side look. Otherwise I am looking at something like...
  9. Marketplace
    I have for sale a laser Extreme end can - road legal. some slight damage to the carbon cover but not major. lovely exhaust, not seen another CB with one on! Sounds great with the cat fitted. Also selling an Ixil decat pipe I will sell together or separately not to fussed. This exhaust is...
  10. Maintenance
    Here is the link of video showing to remove exhaust and rear tyre of CB 1000R . Hope this will help
  11. Marketplace
    Hey guys, I am selling my G&G exhaust for my CB1000R as I am putting back on the original. If anyone is interested I am asking £250 (£100 less than new) and it is in great condition. For more info on the exhaust take a look at the G&G website Motorcycle Silencers******* Welcome to geg
  12. Marketplace
    I've reduced this by £100 so someone is going to get a Bargain! Going on FLeaBay with a reserve of £400 if not sold on here this weekend! HONDA CB1000R RACEFIT GROWLER EXHAUST FOR ALL YEAR CB1's I've not used the Bike for over 18 months & the exhaust has been run for less than 500 miles...
  13. Marketplace
    Sadly selling my CB & have some nice bits for sale. HONDA CB1000R RACEFIT GROWLER EXHAUST FOR ALL MODELS FROM 2008 TO 2012 I've not used the Bike for over 18 months & the exhaust has been run for less than 500 miles Comes Complete with fitting kit & 2 Baffles The Racefit Growler is made...
  14. Modification
    So, last weekend I bought a Beowulf can and de-cat pipe at the NEC show. Bargain at £245 all up, nicely finished and all fitted together well. I tested the bike with a quick start up and it sounded great and ran fine but I didn't have time to take it for a run. Today I had an hour to take the...
  15. CB1000R General
    Does anyone know if the exhaust set up on a 2009 model CB1000R is the same as a 2012 model? I have been looking at the R-77D yoshi pipes on ebay and most say suited for a 2011/2012 models.Was anything changed with dimensions or mountings?As far as i know it's all the same but i thought i would...
  16. Modification
    Not sure whether I want the single outlet or double outlet. But have a few questions. Is the R77d 3 decibels quieter than the R77 with the db killer in or out? Which do yinz think looks best with the bike? Do they have a difference in tone? How loud is the R77d since it doesn't come with a db...