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  1. CB1000R-9 De-cat

    CB1000R General
    Love the sound of the original pipe with a de-cat :D
  2. satin exhaust + de-cat link pipe for sale £65 inc postage

    For sale one unbranded exhaust system including de-cat link pipe and slip on end can. Link pipe will accommodate lambda sensor. Exhaust is in used condition no major defects, a couple of scuffs though. It has an awesome sound, quite loud with a nice deep tone.
  3. Is the Arrow/Leo Vince decat quieter than the others?

    CB1000R General
    I have searched this forum looking for an answer and have not yet found it. I'm curious is there much of a sound difference between decats that utilize a resonator and those that do not? If there is a difference is it in sound volume or the tone? Thank you for your input, Bart
  4. I am looking to buy a de-cat link pipe...

    Hello, I am looking to buy a de-cat link pipe to connect with the G&G end can. Does anyone have one to sell or any advice as to which is best and where to find it? Dan
  5. which De cat pipe

    Has anyone on here De-catted there bike with a laser extreme pro end can on? If so which de-cat link pipe did you use? not sure which one will fit? Any one have any ideas?