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  1. Dynojet UK
    ***UPDATE 14/07/2017*** I made the below guide how to modify the harness from a 12-16 CBR1000RR Powercommander to fit our CB1000R due to it being too short. Well I also emailed Dynojet at the same time to find out whether or not it was possible to connect the injectors back to front, so...
  2. CB1000R General
    Love the sound of the original pipe with a de-cat :D
  3. Modification
    So, last weekend I bought a Beowulf can and de-cat pipe at the NEC show. Bargain at £245 all up, nicely finished and all fitted together well. I tested the bike with a quick start up and it sounded great and ran fine but I didn't have time to take it for a run. Today I had an hour to take the...
1-3 of 3 Results