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  1. SUCCESS - Fitted a 12-16 CBR1000RR PCV 16-034 to my CB1000R

    Dynojet UK
    ***UPDATE 14/07/2017*** I made the below guide how to modify the harness from a 12-16 CBR1000RR Powercommander to fit our CB1000R due to it being too short. Well I also emailed Dynojet at the same time to find out whether or not it was possible to connect the injectors back to front, so...
  2. CB1000R-9 De-cat

    CB1000R General
    Love the sound of the original pipe with a de-cat :D
  3. Fitted de-cat and silencer and bike won't start!

    So, last weekend I bought a Beowulf can and de-cat pipe at the NEC show. Bargain at £245 all up, nicely finished and all fitted together well. I tested the bike with a quick start up and it sounded great and ran fine but I didn't have time to take it for a run. Today I had an hour to take the...