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  1. 2019 Seat Cowl

    Hey All, Just bought a 2019 CB1000R and so far loving it! I was looking to do some aesthetic mods including a seat cowl as it's not the kind of bike I am expecting to carry a pillion on that often. The problem I am running into is the seat cowl options on Honda's (US) website seem to only offer...
  2. Ohlins HOH08 owners help please

    CB1000R General
    I need to know the length of the hose from the reservoir to the shock body. I'm having a custom shock built and having this information will allow me to make sure that the hose is that the correct length. Thank you, Bart
  3. G&G Exhaust for CB1000R For Sale

    Hey guys, I am selling my G&G exhaust for my CB1000R as I am putting back on the original. If anyone is interested I am asking £250 (£100 less than new) and it is in great condition. For more info on the exhaust take a look at the G&G website Motorcycle Silencers******* Welcome to geg