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  1. CB1000R General
    Hi, Does anyone know where to buy the parts marked in the picture? Ive bought a Cover without these parts and now i need them to get it on my bike. Thanks and regards
  2. Modification
    Just got a seat base I grabbed of eBay re modelled. I'm a stocky 18 st and found the standard seat painful after 45 minutes. I went for a conversion that added an inch of memory foam to the standard layer. Don't care too much about aesthetics (I have a rack and a screen fitted after all!) just...
  3. Marketplace
    I have an immaculate Genuine Honda Pillion Seat Cowl in Black to swap (+£40) for a pillion seat. The Cowl is the full replacement unit, not just the cover for the seat. These are selling for around £140 at dealers, last used one sold on ebay for £102.
  4. Modification
    Well given i bought the bike with a scratched up riders seat, i was after a decent replacement. Looking far and wide on the net i knew of Luimoto - Designer Motorcycle Seat Covers and More as they had helped me design my repsol seat i did as a one off, but due to it no longer being a street bike...
1-4 of 4 Results