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  1. CB1000R General
    Okay so I recently purchased a 2014 cb1000r. 9000miles. Been riding a few months and changed the rear tire first, no issue. About a month later I put a new tire on the front. Both Michelin pilot gt4s. I believe stock tires were Bridgestone. Anyways so I putting the new front tire I experience a...
  2. Modification
    So I've always been in love with the old Cafe Racer look, and in an effort to achieve just that on my CB1000R Black Edition, I've decided to completely change the handlebar set up to a set of Clip-ons. Has anyone done this themselves and know how it changes the feel of the bike? I'm having...
  3. Neo Sports Cafe
    I’ve got almost 15,000km on my 18 month old CB1000R now. Sadly at about 6000km i noticed that not only had the paint started coming off the oil sump and the engine front, but that there were little holes in the stator cover! 😳 „Take it to the dealership and have the world famous Honda warranty...
  4. BlackEd

  5. Modification
    Hey Everyone. Just bought a 2019 cb1000R with an akrapovic full system with the short can (picture below). It sounds insanely good, But also unbearably loud. I've looked in this forum and saw that the longer can is advised to reduce the sound to a bearable level. That indeed is an option, but...
  6. IMG_20210215_093822_218.jpg

    Salve salve galera máquina das máquinas mais fotos e vídeos no meu Instagram @daniell.dacb1000 ou no YouTube Daniell da cb1000
  7. Neo Sports Cafe
    Hey all, I'm about 4 weeks in on my 2019 cb100r, just crossed the 2000 mile mark and what better way to celebrate than a couple screws in my rear tire! So battlax or sportmax ? has anyone rode both? any other suggestions? I'm pretty much a 3.5 season rider, wet, dry, and track hopefully a...
  8. B50EBDEA-5F85-43DF-A235-EB68CA9D898F.jpeg

    Purchased on 14.8.20
  9. Modification
    Hey everyone, starting a rebuild thread for my wrecked 2011 cb1000r us model. I bought it wrecked, because the price was right, and I like projects. The issue is new parts are too expensive and it doesn't make sense to repair it with them cost wise, and used parts are not common for this model...
  10. CB1000R General
    I've seen photos of a radiator grille guard for the CB1000R and I know it used to be an option in 2018, but it seems to have disappeared. Does anyone have a part number for this OEM accessory, or know where I can get one? Thanks, Mario
  11. Neo Sports Cafe
    Mods, I hope this is allowed. If not please feel to delete the thread. I've had a few requests for the NSC retro style number board decal sets that I have on my bike and thought it'd be good to offer them as a customisable decal set on my site. You can choose between four font styles, choose...
  12. Members Rides
    This morning, the first day of two weeks off work, not really a holiday but okay, got out of bed at six and turned on the heating. First I fixed the handlebar heater of my wife’s bike, throttle side got loose. After that I’ve decided to take a look at the rapidbike evo that was lying around. Had...
  13. Neo Sports Cafe
    Afternoon 👋 My CB1000R will be off to Dynojet next month to be used as the development bike for the new Power Commander unit. I have the official Honda Akrapovic Road slip-on exhaust, stock slip-on, slick slip-on and a set of SS Akrapovic headers on order. I was hoping to get an aftermarket air...
  14. Marketplace
    Hello all, I am selling my Honda CB1000R, mainly because I do not use it enough to justify having it in the garage collecting dust. Nothing wrong with the bike, has a new set of tires, about 500 miles ago. New rear brake pads and new chain. Specs: Year: 2012 Mileage: 12,000 Extras: IXIL slip...
  15. Marketplace
    2014 CB1000R - Only 2245 miles - (Seattle, Washington) - REDUCED PRICE - $7,499 Purchased brand new in May, 2016 as leftover model from dealer and has Warranty till May, 2017 Paid over $1500.00 for Mods Yoshimura Slip-on Exhaust Power Commander V Barracuda Turn Signals Puig Tail Tidy CRG...
  16. CB1000R General
    Love the sound of the original pipe with a de-cat :D
  17. Marketplace
    Hi All, Looking for a seat cowl any colour will do. And also I am planning to change the original exhaust to something louder. Let me know what have you got! Thanks
  18. Modification
    Hello fellow riders... My name is Klaus, i live in jupiter, florida and I love my CB1000R. As many of you already know, the stock mirrors are a pain in the ... well, I just want better ones. So far I have not found mirrors that look good and that show me more than my elbows. I also do not like...
1-20 of 41 Results