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  1. Modification
    Dear members, New to this forum, and owning a black cb 1000 r from 2010. I really badly wanted to fit the oval carbon sc project, but it says it is for the model from 2011-2017 :rolleyes:. Does anyone have any experience with this exhaust? And are the mounting points really different between...
  2. Marketplace
    Skidmarx carbon fibre hugger and chainguard like this one: Honda CB1000R 2008on - Rear Hugger (CF) - Skidmarx UK Ltd I had to replace it as it didn't fit with my aftermarket exhaust. I'm not sure all the mounting bolts are there, but all of the unique ones are and as far as I recall, you can...
  3. Modification
    I've finally finished fitting my Jon.f undertray after changing from the full carbon wrap look to half carbon and half painted..I'm very happy with the results..Sticker may go on yet..But i think it looks awesome the way it is..
1-3 of 3 Results