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  1. Maintenance
    Hi Guys, I had such a bummer of a morning. I was on the way to a meeting and my bike didn't want to start. When I press the start button the dash-lights go off. I assume that my battery is on the way out or gonners already. Push start: I have a the normal Honda HISS and an additional motion...
  2. Maintenance
    Hi Everyone, I've just replaced my stator coil (February) And my battery (April) And now my regulator has decided that it has had enough as well! Honda South Africa wants a ridiculous amount of money for a new one and 6 weeks to get it here! I'm looking for an aftermarket or 2nd hand (?)...
  3. Modification
    Loose 2.4kg / 5.3lbs from your bike for $150 US + Postage Hi Guys, So as the title states loose 2.4kg by simply changing your battery from the OEM fat 3kg 12v Battery to a 8 cell LiFePo4 battery Some of you maybe scared of something new and i can verify 2 things 1) the seller MOTY Design - 8...
1-3 of 3 Results