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  1. CB1000R General
    My first bike was a 2017 cb500f, a lot of fun but a lot missing. Been riding my brothers Ducati monster, cousins vrod and it makes me envious for power. Fell in love with the new cb1000r and they seem to be unicorns for a reasonable price. I came across a a 2012 cb 1000r with 5000 miles on...
  2. Marketplace
    Hello all, I am selling my Honda CB1000R, mainly because I do not use it enough to justify having it in the garage collecting dust. Nothing wrong with the bike, has a new set of tires, about 500 miles ago. New rear brake pads and new chain. Specs: Year: 2012 Mileage: 12,000 Extras: IXIL slip...
  3. CB1000R General
    Does anyone know if the exhaust set up on a 2009 model CB1000R is the same as a 2012 model? I have been looking at the R-77D yoshi pipes on ebay and most say suited for a 2011/2012 models.Was anything changed with dimensions or mountings?As far as i know it's all the same but i thought i would...
1-3 of 3 Results