Hello, and to HondaCB1000R.com; the world's first and biggest Honda CB1000R forum Established on Christmas Day 2007, HondaCB1000R.com has been gathering a wealth of knowledge ever since, and our members have tried almost every modification that you can think of. If you've seen a belly-pan or a hugger on a CB1000R somewhere, then it's likely that one of us has experience of it too. Take a look around the site and see what an incredible source of information we have here. We have members from all over the world that speak all manner of languages, and we're all brought together by a common love of the Honda CB1000R.

Useful Links
Here are a series of links that may be of use to you while you're here:
  • Honda CB1000r Forum: The main discussion area for Honda CB1000r owners and enthusiasts.
  • Wiki: A wiki is a website that the members can edit freely to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate. Shortly after you sign up here you should have a user account created on the Wiki too, so you can create pages and update existing pages with information that is best to not be left to get lost in the forum
  • Discounts Forum: As a member of HondaCB1000R.com, as long as you have the decency to make at least one post before you apply for membership to the Discount Group, you will be able to gain access to the discounts forum to see details of how you can save money on various bike related purchases
  • Dealer Support: HondaCB1000R.com is supported by Doble Honda. As well as offering you outrageous discounts, Doble will also assist you when you make an enquiry in the Doble forum. Anyone can post there and if you want to buy something they will ship it anywhere in the world
  • Introductions: This is the perfect place to say hello to the rest of the membership
  • Member's Rides: Create a topic that's all about YOUR bike, with photos, details of your mods and any projects that you have going

Lastly, a lot of people sign up but never contribute to the site. This is perfectly OK, but if there is a particular reason why you don't want to post, please feed it back to me directly by clicking on my user name above my avatar and then choosing private message.