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    Tyres make such a difference. Once we were 3 bikes: 2 CB 900 , one with Bridgestone one with Michelin and a Z1000 with Michelin. We changed bikes and the difference made the brand of the tyres, not the brand of the bike. Old and new tyres are also very different. I personally do not try to safe money with the tyres and change front and rear the same time and would never mix brands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigOne-94-14 View Post
    I never mix brands. Doing so risks instability from having mis-matched profiles and grip.
    yep , right

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    Quote Originally Posted by DouglasRamsey View Post
    My last bike, 2014 Honda CB500F, came from the factory fitted with Dunlop tyres. Can't remember now exactly which ones. They were not too bad.

    I tried Michelin Pilot Road 4's and they were superb.

    Michelin Road 5 is the latest version of that tyre, so I intend to try those when the original Dunlops on the NSC need replacing.

    I fully expect the front to last twice as long as the rear, so will most likely just change the rear.

    Any opinions on running different brands front and rear ?

    Personally I don't see any issue. Last bike passed an MOT with different front and rear.

    One shop I went to refused to fit the Michelin I wanted on the back unless I bought the matching front.

    Started lecturing me that it was dangerous and illegal. Absolute nonsense, so far up their own arses, they lost a sale and a customer.

    We aren't talking MotoGP bikes here.
    Anyone who rides in such a way on a public road that different tyres front and rear cause them to crash is a useless rider anyway and needs to be banned from riding or driving for an awful long time, as they are a cretin and a danger to other road users.
    The thing is, if all tyre construction was the same we could buy any tyre we like knowing it was exactly like any other make of tyre.

    Unfortunately they are not identical. Because of what might be only a minor difference the tyres might not work quite as well as a matched pair.

    Tyres have to conform to a standard so there is possibly no danger in mixing them. However there is no need to be a test rider as all the work has already been done for you.---
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    My thoughts are intended to provide a sounding board for your own.
    Some of what I say may go against your own thoughts and may seem harsh, targeted and malicious.
    This is not my intention – I am simply using my experience, including other peoples, as a way of debating and giving advice - of which there is no guarantee that it's correct

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    Have the S21's here in Texas. Really like them, mileage wise I'm at 1,700 since September. Based on the wear I'm seeing I expect/hope to get around 2K miles out of the rear. Will replace it with a Bridgestone T31 which I have been very impressed with on my FJR 1300 in an effort to see if I can get 4K out of them. Will be staying with a S21 on the front as the wear and performance is meeting expectations.

    I definitely am not a fan of mixing brands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigOne-94-14 View Post
    I prefer Michelin Road 5s for all-round, all-year riding. They are sporty enough for mortals, and great in the wet.
    +1 for the Road 5s. Incredible tires. Great grip, soft enough sidewalls to 'muffle' minor road imperfections but sensitive enough to provide feedback, the best profile I've ever experienced for light turn-in ( both slow/tight and fast/open), and remarkable durability. I got 10,000 kms ( 6000 mi) out of my rear and 15,000 kms ( 9000 mi) from the front, and 6000 kms of that was the curviest possible riding, in the Appalachians, with luggage on. That's all on the 'old' CB, mind, but I can't imagine the NSC treating its hoops much differently.
    piling the mileage on...

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    Hi,just introduced myself in the forum. I have a CB1000R Plus and came with DUNLOP .Bought it in january ,thought only comes with S21´s but no...
    Wanted to try the Bridgestone but never mind,because always used dunlop on my previous bike (Sport Smart 1,2 and 2-max)

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    When I was in the showroom sorting out the purchase on my non+ version I noticed the black colour had S21 and the grey had dunlops.. no idea why the colour of the bike would make a difference but the 4 in the showroom certainly seem that there was a correlation

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    mine is grey and has Dunlop as well.....
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    How old were those tyres Berty?

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    What exactly are we looking at here? One of those pictures is stamped 2013. Rubber doesn't crack like that unless it is super hard (like maybe very, very frozen).

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