Help with Power Commander III USB
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    Help with Power Commander III USB

    hello friends.
    just bought a Power Commander III USB unit of segundamano for my honda cb 1000 r 2009.
    the truth is that I have no idea where to look for maps and have said it is very easy but I have yet not mounted.
    someone can take a hand and explains how to get the maps and how they get into the exchange.
    also like to know if you can take several maps on the fly and put one or otro.por example, one for curves with good bass and media, another for loop, pull the bike up more and more power and one for when you go with women to spend less gasoline motorcycle.
    indeed I have mounted on my motorcycle carbon exhaust gp mivv db killer in place, suppressor catalyst and KN air filter if anyone can pass me a map I do better or tell me what I do better.
    greetings and thanks.

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    Re: Help with Power Commander III USB

    Look here you can download in your language

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    Re: Help with Power Commander III USB

    Take it to a tuner.

    You only need 1 map, your wrist controls the rest.

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    Re: Help with Power Commander III USB

    You can have as many maps as you want....which one's you'll use is up to you. Take it to a tuner and get a decent map made up....

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