Modified Paddock Stand for 2018 CB1000R
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    Modified Paddock Stand for 2018 CB1000R

    Just wanted to show you guys what I did to make my Paddock Stand a lot better.
    As you know there is only approx. 31mm inside the hub that bears all the lifting and its possible, when revolving the rear wheel for cleaning/chain maintenance, for the wheel to work its way off and plus there's a lot of force/work on the 31mm.
    I had a new pin machined from T6 Aluminium (which I'm told is more suited (stronger) for this application) and a bit longer with a 8mm X 20mm internal thread.
    I then used some threaded rod, welded a large washer to it, covered one side of the washer with felt (so it cant scratch the wheel) and covered the rod with plastic tubing (so I cant scratch the wheel as I fit it).
    So I have a lot more control when I lift my bike (I fit the "safety rod" first), the bike cant slide off the pin and I can revolve the wheel for cleaning and chain work knowing it cant work its way off the pin.
    Off course this arrangement doesn't allow the wheel to be removed, but that's only 5-10% of the time that I need/want to use a paddock stand. I only need to remove the wheel for tyre change and when I do this I put a tie through the slots in the rear sprocket and tie it back to the upright of the paddock stand so the hub cant work its way off the pin.
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    Nice work!

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    good work on the stand. I like the white wheels, so i went back to your previous post about your mods... sweet stuff!
    piling the mileage on...

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    Thanks Oldcorollas and Doser,
    I am really pleased with the look of the white wheels - and yes, lots of cleaning - but I clean my bikes after every ride, so its not really anything different to me.
    The threaded safety rod and the T6 Alum takes any "nervousness" out of putting it up on the paddock stand - so all the mucking around was worth it to me.
    Kind Regards - Ray.

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