RG shock tube ??
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    RG shock tube ??

    Road are pretty dirty in my town. Water, salt, dirt, sand, even small rocks. I still do not know why honda doesn't install a rear hugger by default for this bike, since rear shock is quite vulnerable agains those dirty roads, and this rear shock is not maintanable (only replace if damaged). So a shock protector is a "must have" for me.

    I'm now considering RG shocktube as the option.

    The Shocktube is a high impact waterproof vented tube made from top quality bonded 100% CR Neoprene™ which is double lined with stretch nylon on both sides.
    Completely enclosing the motorcycles rear shock absorber and spring, Shocktube prevents damage from road salt, water spray, stone chipping, dust and dirt. - See more at: Shocktube for Honda CB1000R | R&G Racing
    Has anyone tried it ? I've heart some contrary opinions abt this. Some say it's the perfert option to protect ur shocks againt dirt, sand.,etc. Some say it does nothing, and even cause extra damage to the shock, in case if dirt can find a way to get inside the shock tube, it'll be trapped there

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    The superduke I just bought had one on. I think it's mainly on there bc a heavier spring is on and is not the original color.

    It fits nice and doesn't look bad that's all I know so far

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