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    I'm glad i held off buying mine until december now as this little more clearance is enough to keep me confident about leaning her right over again.I used to lean her right over with the original exhaust and never scraped like some people said they have done..So i may have been close and never realized this..
    If you want the new improved Yoshi exhaust,I recommend buying from Surfside Moto in America.That's where i bought mine and i had it delivered in 7 days to Australia..I reckon other suppliers might still have some old stock,as tthamrin said in his post he bought his around the same time as me but he got the original Yoshi..

    Update: I have received an email back from Yoshimura and they confirmed the tail pipe was redesigned in october to increase the tolerance..
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    To everyone out there, please listen to jaydee and do buy the new bracket version of yoshi as mine got scraped in normal road condition. Silly me, i should have be more patient when i bought mine cause were thinking how often do you do track days.

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    Too little to late for me.....I ended up selling my yoshi. Check out the sparks near the rear wheel of this pic. Ended up with the same scratch marks as tthamrin

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