About Members Rides, and a few rules
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    About Members Rides, and a few rules

    The Members Rides section is a place for you to show off your bike, and for people to discuss your specific bike. It doesn't have to be a CB1000R, but the rule is one topic per person, per bike. So if you own two bikes, you can have two topics running at the same time. If you create a new topic for a bike that you've already created a topic for, it may be deleted without warning, or it may be merged with the original.

    You can still post your questions in the appropriate forum (ie modification, maintenance and general) but this would be the ideal place for someone to ask you about your bike and make comment on it.

    Here are a few ideas for your Members Rides topic:

    • Put a link to your Members Rides topic in your signature (click here to edit your signature) to get more people to come and see your pride and joy[/*:m]
    • Attach your latest photos to the topic. You can add up to 100 images to each post and there are no limits to how many posts can go in a topic[/*:m]
    • Keep a list of mods on the original post and update it as you go[/*:m]
    • In your list, put links to other topics where these mods have been discussed, or if it was discussed in your Members Rides topic, put the link to that post. To get that link, right click on the icon at the top of every post and choose Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut (depending on your browser)[/*:m]
    • Take a look through any photos that you may have attached by going to your personal attachment gallery here and see what you have already posted about (each photo in the gallery has a link to the original photo and the post that you attached it to)[/*:m]
    • Talk about your future plans as well. This could be the perfect place to get feedback regarding your specific bike, rather than just a general mod (which you would put in the Modification forum)[/*:m]
    • Update the subject in the original post when you have a major update. For example, "XXXXXXX's ride, Ohlins shock update (12/09 - Page 5)"[/*:m]

    This list is in no way a series of rules, but rather some ideas to try to inspire you to make a great Members Rides topic. If you need any more inspiration, why not take a look at Bilemissile's topic here

    Lastly, your Members Ride topic is YOUR topic. Most of the rules that apply to the rest of the site also apply to this forum, and if you don't like something that someone has posted in your topic, click the icon at the bottom right of the offending post and a moderator will deal with it for you.

    Now, we all look forward to seeing some amazing bikes

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    Does any of this work any more ???

    The forum needs a wash and brush up before we end up like the dinosaurs.---Lol.
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