The Black Minion
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    The Black Minion

    Thought I'd post a few pictures as most of the mod's I had planned are completed. One of my friends said that the bike looked like the one eyed Minion, guess I can see the resemblance .

    Mod's completed are as follows:
    • Retro CNC Bar End Mirrors
    • Evotech Powder Coated Black Radiator Guard
    • Custom Aluminium Tail Tidy with R&G Tail Light
    • Evo 1 Black Aluminium Billet Clutch and Brake Levers
    • Akrapovic Full System

    Possible remaining mods:
    • Power Commander (when available)
    • Honda Quick Shifter
    • Custom Tank Paint Job (still undecided)

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    nice! how is the quality of the Evo1 levers?

    and.. QS = yes! (spendy but.. upshift is much better, but downshift is brilliant ) (fwiw, sometimes i've accidentally half clutched while DS, and the revs DO blip a bit!)

    what are you thinking for paint?

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    Nice picture of the minion The Evo 1 levers are fine, got them for a decent price over the phone. The clutch lever needed the pivot hole to be drilled out slightly larger though but no real complaints other than that. As far as paint is concerned, not sure really, I was thinking maybe a pearl white or a two toned dark matte brush finish similar to Timayz’s vinyl wrap idea. Still undecided.
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