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    Quote Originally Posted by oldcorollas View Post
    that does not look good... at all... but hopefully the filter is keeping most of those rocks out?

    however most crap that gets through filter should get stuck in the injectors and fuel rails, since the injectors are downstream of the throttle blades. rest of TB should be fine

    only a couple of bolts will get the fuel rail loose and injectors pulled out (without pulling the whole throttle body assembly)
    Yeap, after about a week saw the case of filter, that's why I decided to check & cleaning TB and everything still going fine. I think with this situation, the pump may down when filter get stuck. Anyway, thanks for your sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anh Nguyen View Post
    You have no idea about the quality of gasoline in my country. sending the picture of filter below the pump in mine bike! KKK
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    Unbelievable. Honestly, I had the thought that your post was 'a scam', as getting the throttle bodies contaminated seemed soooo atypical. but that crud on the filter is beyond anything I've ever come across! good luck keeping your bike running well... it seems you'll need it
    piling the mileage on...

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    The best bet is to use some kind of filter if possible when filling the tank.
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    That is crazy! I agree with Colvert, find some type of material / filter to use when filling. Anything will be helpful compared to that! Wow.

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