Front Forks****HELP****
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    Front Forks****HELP****

    How is everyone? I have a 2015 Honda cb1000r with 8k miles. The problem is that I have a leak in my front forks and chatter when I go over bumps. I have been looking into getting them replaced but it can become very costly. I was also looking into rebuilding them myself. Any suggestions? Would it be better to get new forks? Or should I buy the cartridges and new tubes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I recent rear ended a van going about 8 mph. Luckily it had only hit the front tire and compressed the suspension. I was forunate enough to stay on the bike and not let her drop! After that, I noticed that I’ve been getting death wobble when I let go of the handle bars. I am assuming it will go away once I get new forks. Thank you in advance for the advice/help.

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    Don't take my advice as gospel:

    1, you might just have a leaky seal, and maybe it's just dirt. Seals are cheap to replace, but you can try cleaning them with cheap plastic gadgets.

    2, potentially you just knocked your forks out of alignment. There's a process for loosening the front wheel and the fork clamps, then retightening that will address alignment.

    ³. Frankly, you might have something worse going on (bent forks) and it would be better to have a dealer or trusted repair shop check it out.

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    All as BigOne says.---

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    Try sliding a bit of old 35mm film negative up the leg and past the seals.
    If your leak is caused by a bit of grit, the film will dislodge it, and allow it to reseal.

    Don't be afraid to tackle a fork rebuild. You'll be suprised how easy it is.
    If you have a stand to get the front end up, go for it.
    Have a look at the manual, there will be a few tools you might need (seal driver & retaining collar ) they're not too expensive.
    Buy good quality seals and dust covers, not the cheapo chinese ebay stuff. I always use SKF, found them to be excellent, a little better than the Showa OE. Oil level/airgap will be in the manual.

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