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    Quote Originally Posted by Furygan View Post
    I've got a vaccine!
    it comes in a green bottle, you can get it anywhere, its got Gordons on the front of it, you have to add ice and lime, and tastes best with tonic water!
    four or five of these drinks every night makes the virus completely disappear, mind you, you have to take it every day to keep it at bay
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    My thoughts are intended to provide a sounding board for your own.
    Some of what I say may go against your own thoughts and may seem harsh, targeted and malicious.
    This is not my intention – I am simply using my experience, including other peoples, as a way of debating and giving advice - of which there is no guarantee that it's correct

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    Yeah, I know it's not funny!
    But wev'e got to look on the bright side if we can, it's awful but better times will return, lets hope sooner rather than later.
    Stay safe all.
    Watch out for them tractors!

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