1000 miles in one week my observations
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    1000 miles in one week my observations

    bike goes great but suspension soft at rear ajusted 3 clicks up on preload base setting and one full turn up on rebound better. going to soften the front preload as it is to harsh at speed could be my 15 stone fully clothed has something to do with it .
    handles superbly at low to medium speeds when pushed hard at higher speed on bumpy roads seems slightly unsettled anyone else have these problems, will be exprimenting with settings.
    acceleration in top gear overtakes is great soon gets to 100mph and above if you can hold on as the wind blast gets strong.
    had the gear linkage stiffen up on me after 300 miles as bike must have got hot according to my dealer he re ajusted it and lubricated the joints its ok now, done 270 miles friday no problems only arse ache, paint on front mini screen got a couple of mini chips on to much gravel left on the roads and heel plates scuffed due to my boots. mpg is getting worse i seem to be forever putting petrol in .
    i am loving this bike to bits just what i wanted, back to work monday so will have to wait until next weekend for a good ride out unless i can get out one evening in the week

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    Re: 1000 miles in one week my observations

    Good info. I don't know enough about suspension to comment, but yes I find the bike a little unsettled on very bumpy roads. The best adjustment I took was to find other roads

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    Re: 1000 miles in one week my observations

    Mines much better on bumpy roads now. I firmed up both rear and front. More preload on both (left the damping alone for now).
    Ride safe

    Back on two wheels!

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    Re: 1000 miles in one week my observations

    I clocked the 1000 at the weekend too, and agree with a lot of the comments here.

    I consistantly get 110 -120 before reserve, and that doesn't seem to have changed since running in, although I'm obviously revving higher than then, so I don't think consuption is bad, but with the small tank you do seem to be forever filling up!

    The front suspension hasn't given me any problems, it seems to be quite predictable, but the rear... On some bumpy East Anglian roads there were occaisions when it felt like the shock wasn't working at all, as though the spring was already fully compressed. On other surfaces it would pogo a bit, so the "unsettled" comment is exactly right, and I would suggest that it's a damping issue, rather than preload. I'm going to experiment more with this and see if I can improve it, but I shouldn't be thinking of a new shock on such a new bike!

    Other thoughts: On longer, faster runs, I feel the footrests would benefit by being a couple of inches further back for more control and weight over the front, rearsets anyone? The motor is strong enough for anything on public roads, and all the other bits have been working fine, unlike some.

    I still don't feel I've completely bonded with the bike, though. Maybe I just need to do some modification to make it feel totally mine. It's too early to be looking for something different!
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