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    Motorcycle Show

    Hello again,
    went to the Manchester show at the weekend,it had been cancelled in January due to dodgy weather.
    Talking to a bloke on the Beowulf stand about some carbon parts they had on display.I got the impression they were just starting to import them from Italy(can't remember what company he said but it didn't ring a bell).I'm no expert on these things but it looked ok to me.
    Not really into mods but as I need a hugger this is what I was mainly interested in,not to sure what else they had.Didn't have the hugger for the cb with him and wasn't 100% sure they had them back at base,said I'd give them a bell midweek.
    Said if they hadn't got one would probably take about seven weeks to get one which seems quite a while to me.
    Also at the show couple of cb's painted in Hanspree colours,nice if your into that sort of thing.

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    Re: Motorcycle Show

    7 weeks!?!?! Must be RossoCromo!
    bilemissile's ride (updated 25/3/10)

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