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    Quote Originally Posted by doser View Post
    Colvert, how much mileage did you put on that bike? I ask because I have tended to get about 30,000 kms out of a set of front pads... and that was what I'd consider 'hard' use: commuting, including in shitty weather, which gets grit onto the pads and can get the calipers 'sticky'; lots of sport-touring, with fairly aggressive approaches to corners requiring significant braking; and generally a couple track days per year, with extremely heavy brake loads.

    and Ediboy, my suggestion is just buy the OEM pads. they aren't that much money, and they do the job really well. you tend to get what you pay for...
    My total mileage was just over 26,000 miles. I used to ride quite fast ( Sorry Officer ) but rarely braked hard. The tyres lasted very well too.

    Even wear on the tyres as I tended to corner fast too. (Never fell off though in my ten years of ownership.)
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    Thank you guys so much for all the input and made my mind calm at this time. Very much appreciated.

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    front brake pads last that long?

    I've change them last 2 12K services and although good, they had less than 30% on them.

    Moderately fast rider/braker, mostly city traffic but I belt it in the mornings on my way to work.

    I've clocked 30000 kms so far.

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